From the Chief’s Desk

Spring is fast upon us, and with that being said, please exercise extreme caution if or when burning outside.  During this time of year, even with the ground being soft and wet, grasses and brush can be extremely dry and make for a good fuel if ignited.  Winds are usually a bit stronger too which enhances the drying process, but can also push and feed a fire to the point of being out of control.  Avoid any burning when there is a significant amount of wind.  Wind direction can change instantly and without warning, taking what might be a small controlled fire and turning it into a large, frenzied and highly unsafe situation.If you have doubts about burning, don’t burn.  If you have questions about if you should burn or not, please contact us, we’ll be glad to answer any questions you may have.  As always, prior to any burning, contact and notify the Waubeka Fire Department (262)692-2656 and the Ozaukee County Sheriff’s Department (262)284-7172.

Spring also means getting out the grill and enjoying the outdoors.  A few tips for you to follow can make for a safe grilling season.  Start out with a clean grill, free of grease or food buildup.  Always use the grill outside and away from your home, garage, eaves or overhanging branches.  Never leave it unattended and keep children and pets away while it is in use.  For charcoal grills, do not use gasoline, kerosene, or any other flammable fluids to light the coals – use only charcoal starter fluid.  Keep the fluid, and matches, out of the reach of children and away from heat sources.  Wait until coals are completely cooled then dispose of them in a metal container.  For propane grills, check the fuel line prior to the first use.  Spray the hose with a soap/water solution to check for leaks.  If you see bubbles in the hose after turning the gas on, there is a leak that will need to be addressed prior to use.

I would like to invite you, the members of our community, to consider joining our team.  We, along with most fire departments across this state and nation, are experiencing shortages in people volunteering for their local fire departments.  Joining is a great way to meet new people, make new friends, help those in need, and possibly make a little money along the way.  Training is provided, at no cost to you – all we ask for is your time and talent.  Don’t let an exciting and rewarding opportunity pass you by!  Call or visit us today to schedule an appointment.  262-692-2656 or

Jason Caswell