Pumper/Tanker 263

Engine 263 is a 2020 Pierce Enforcer that carries 2,850 gallons of water. It is our first due engine, meaning it responds first to any structure fire in our protection area. It is designed to carry 6 firefighters, which includes the driver. It has a pump capacity of 1,500 gallons per minute (GPM) and has a 40 gallon foam tank that mixes with the onboard water to create firefighting foam when needed. Engine 263 carries 1,200 feet of 5 inch (large diameter hose/LDH) hose which is used to supply this unit with water (when being pumped to by another engine, when it is being utilized at the end of a longer driveway) and 1,100 feet of numerous other size hoses that range from 1 inch to 3 inch. It also carries our newest extrication tools, which are battery powered, 2 portable 2500 watt generators, an AED, a vent saw and various other hand tools, axes, pike poles and hose connections. This vehicle is dispatched for all Waubeka fires, as well as automatic aid fires in the Village of Fredonia.

Engine 262

Engine 262 is a 1994 Pierce Dash. It carries six firefighters and pumps up to 1,750 gallons of water per minute. It also holds 1,000 gallons of water and 1,400 feet of 5 inch large diameter hose which is used to supply the vehicle with water. There is 1,250 feet of numerous other hoses ranging in diametersof 1 inch to 3 inch. The longest ladder on this engine is a 35 foot extension ladder. On the top of the vehicle is a portable deluge. Mainly used as a master stream on large fires. Inside the passenger compartment are 5 Self Contained Breathing Apparatus(SCBA). These are the air tanks and mask the firefighters wear. There is an additional 2 SCBAs onboard with 7 additional air tanks. Extra equipment includes: 1-5,000 watt generator, axes, and chain saw. This vehicle is dispatched for all fires, automatic and mutual aid to other communities.


Tanker 267

Tanker 267 is a 1985 Volvo/White AutoCar water transport vehicle. It was refurbished in 2001. Its main purpose is to deliver water to the fire scene. It carries 3,000 gallons of water, two 3,000 gallon portable tanks and 400 feet of 5 inch large diameter hose. It can fill a portable tank from the driver side, passenger side or rear of the vehicle. This Tanker is dispatched for all fires, automatic and mutual aid to other communities.





Brush Truck 257

This is a 1994 Ford F350 turbo diesel, equipped with firefighting equipment related to brush and grassland/wildland fires.  It carries up to 3 firefighters, 300 gallons of water, and a combination of 1″, 1 3/4″, and 3″ hose.  Also equipped on this truck is a booster reel of 200 feet of 1″ hose.  It carries our back-up “Jaws of Life” extrication tools and extra cribbing for vehicle stabilization.









Ambulance 251

Rescue 251 is our ambulance. It is a 2006 Ford E450 Superduty Ultramedic and carries our emergency medical equipment. This vehicle responds to all emergency medical calls and most fire situations. It is used as the primary transport ambulance for the Town of Fredonia. It has all the essential equipment to handle any type of emergency from car accidents and cardiac emergencies to bumps and bruises. The personnel that ride in this vehicle are certified by the state of Wisconsin as Intermediate Technicians and are trained in all aspects of emergency treatment including administration of IV medicines, CPR, the use of an Automated External Defibrillator(AED) and Weapons of Mass Destruction. Patient care and comfort are our top priority. This vehicle replaces our old 1993 Ford E350. Not only is it bigger, the ride is much more comfortable.


UTV 258

The Waubeka Fire Department has added to its arsenal of firefighting equipment, a Kubota UTV purchased in 2014.  The Kubota’s main purpose is grass fires and getting to areas that a brush truck cannot.  Its secondary purpose is assisting EMS and getting patients from outlying areas, such as fields or wooded areas, to an awaiting ambulance.  The fire department acquired a partial grant from the DNR to fund the skid unit, which consists of the tank with a capacity of holding 96 gallons, a pump, and a 95 foot hose reel.  Also included in the grant were some hand tools and water packs (water filled backpacks with a hand pump, worn on the backs of firefighters).  Also purchased was a trailer for hauling both the UTV and some extra equipment used for fighting grass fires.  The Kubota was purchased through Lochens Equipment of Newburg.  The skid was fabricated by Werner Fabrication of Newburg and the paint was provided and applied by Ebersolds Auto Body of Waubeka.


Command/Utility Truck 256

This is a 2020 Ford F250 Super Duty that is primarily designated as the Command vehicle.  Its other uses include towing the trailer for the UTV for grassland/wildland fires, hauling water rescue equipment, fire inspections, and transporting members to classes.  Although it carries no specific equipment, it can be easily loaded with necessary tools specific to the call at hand.