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From The Desk of Chief Caswell:


With spring right around the corner, spring cleaning is usually on the minds of many. With that being said, here are a few reminders and tips when tackling those to-do lists.

Check and clean out the clothes dryer vent. If clothes take more than one cycle to dry, chances are the vent is blocked. Not only is this inefficient, it can also be a fire hazard. Making sure the pipe/flex pipe is clear may also help prevent such fires from occurring. Vacuuming out any residual lint from in and around the vent pipe is necessary. Also cleaning any lint/dust away from the dryer area is helpful. Keep the area around the dryer free of boxes, cleaning supplies, clothing or other burnable materials. Cleaning the lint
trap should be done after every use to minimize the chance of a fire.


This may also be a good time to pull out the refrigerator and clean/vacuum the coils, and behind and underneath. Checking and cleaning the filter above the stove is another area seldom looked at and should be addressed. If using chemicals to clean around your home, make sure rooms are properly ventilated and never mix chemicals to try to improve their performance. Always follow the directions on the label and always store cleaning chemicals in an area away from the reach of children.


In the garage, clear out any clutter such as old newspapers, boxes and other burnable items that could create a fire load or fire hazard. Keep fuel cans tightly closed and in a shed, detached garage or outside, and in small amounts. Don’t use gasoline or fuels for general cleaning or degreasing. Check extension cords for wear and damage and replace them as necessary and don’t use or run extension cords under carpets or through doorways. Remember that extension cords are meant for temporary use and not for a permanent fix or solution. Contact a licensed electrician to add outlets if necessary.


By now you should have replaced the batteries in your smoke and CO detectors. If your detectors are over 10 years old, they should be replaced. Checking these monthly for correct operation is crucial when talking about early notification of smoke or fire in the home. As you attend to the rest of your spring cleaning, take some time to gently vacuum or clean any dust accumulation off of the smoke and CO detectors.

Have a safe and happy spring season!

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Sunday May 20, 2018 – Waubeka Fire Department Annual Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser
Sunday June 10, 2018 – Flag Day

We are always looking for energetic and outgoing individuals to join our
ranks. If interested in becoming a member of the Waubeka Fire Department,
call 262-692-2656.


Jason D. Caswell

Fire Chief



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